The May 1st Labour Day holiday

2016-04-29 19:52:18作者:唐飒英语作文500字推荐访问:英语作文 小学生作文

Today is "51" labor day, I want to do a meaningful thing. Because when I saw mother labor always waist sour backache, so I want to pass the labor day, for my mother to share some things, some burden. So, I thought of a good idea: to do a thorough cleaning at home.

First of all, I began to wash Windows and doors. I examined, to the house from top to bottom earnestly, from top to down with a rag, sticky dust on the cloth. I'm tired, that this I full head big sweat, out of breath. But I think: "cleaning was very hard, but if I insist on not to live, it's not just did also wasted? Do things stead fast." Although I have washed my mother washed clean ? than anything else.