The beauty of the four seasons

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Spring is the most beautiful in the afternoon.All things recovery, white flowers in full bloom, contend in fragance and fascination.Occasionally a breeze blowing, warm, gentle, like mother's hand, lovingly touched my cheek, feel very comfortable.

The most beautiful in the summer is in the evening.Purple in the evening glow red all the way up in the east to the west, like the sky is on fire, the scenery, very spectacular.

Autumn is the most beautiful dusk.And leans against the sunset xishan, slowly sinking.Darkness came slowly, the wind, insect chirp, sounds make people relaxed and happy.

The most beautiful in the winter is at noon.Under a heavy snow, the earth covered with a layer of white quilt.Children and young people laughing, happy together snowball fights, a snowman, how happy ah.
Each season has its own unique, beautiful scenery, to feel from the heart.