The beauty of the“51”park

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The beauty of the "51" park

"51" park, beautiful scenery and was deeply loved by tourists.You see, how busy now!

In the summer, the water in the pool clear understanding.On the surface of the lotus flower like a beautiful girl.With lotus lotus leaf green green, seems to be.There are a lot of water on the surface of the water, bouncing around.And the children enjoy playing the water toy boat!

There stands a man-made hill above the puddle where stones are various.Some like crawling turtles, some practice arrows like fairy, and like a bursting Chinese rose!The mountains there is a small pavilion, workers uncle and aunt to build it very fine.In the sunlight, shining.Pavilion is surrounded by beautiful murals, swim here, your mood will be very happy!

"51" are many trees on the park!Winter has arrived, a lot of trees have fallen leaves, but those evergreen still so forceful.There is a kind of evergreen has 3 kinds of color, one is purple, red and green.Purple stands out;Red like a cup of ice tea;Green eyes like a cat.

"51" the beauty of the park attracts everybody, in the later days, it will become more beautiful!